Appearance is the aspect of a place or building that determines the visual impression it makes and includes the external built form of the development, its architecture, materials, decoration, lighting, colour and texture. The proposal aims to create a building that positively responds to the quality of the context and creates a frontage that respects the scale, massing and appearance of the surrounding environment. This has been addressed through the compactness of the façade and the choice of materials.

A neat fenestration pattern throughout the buildings has been carefully examined to establish an appropriate solid-to-void ratio. Contextual references for the materials and architecture styles have been applied especially along the Metrobus line. The traditional dock architecture in general, and the series of bonded warehouses in particular, have been the main references for the proposed design, but expressed in a contemporary way.

The articulation of the proposed buildings is extremely simple. The blocks have flat roofs and predominantly alternate the use of bricks of different colours, and cladding.  Large balconies with expansive glass surfaces behind them characterise the southern elevations and create “framed voids” that break the volume.

Client – Vistry Partnerships

Location – Bristol

Year – 2020 Under  Construction

Size – 14,500 sqm (220 Apartments) 51 Social Rent, 11 Affordable Rent, 45 Shared Ownership and 113 Open Market apartments