MKM – Gloucester

Inspire were appointed by Robert Hitchins to undertake the Concept Design, Planning submission and Technical Design of this Builders Merchant for MKM on Newhaven Road, Kingsway Business Park, Gloucester.

The development consists of 1,400 sqm of ground floor retailing space with an additional 500 sqm mezzanine.

The proposal creates a building of its time that positively responds to the quality of the context and creates an interesting and vibrant frontage that is also integrated within its new and changing surroundings. This has been addressed through the articulation of the façade and the choice of materials. To succeed, the design for the current proposal needed to have a dialogue with the surrounding developments to finish the design for this part of Kingsway Business Park.

The proposal offers a design that is unique but, through the use of materiality, ties with the surrounding developments.

The most prominent view of the proposal is the front elevation facing Newhaven road, here a continuous multi red brick plinth ties the elevation at low level creating a  strong grounding for the building. Above the plinth a continuous band of profiled metal insulated cladding panels in dark grey wrap around the entire building.

Client – Robert Hitchins

Location – Gloucester

Year – 2022 – Planning Approved and Constructed

Size – 1,900 sqm