Poole – Canford Cliffs

Appearance is the aspect of a place or building that determines the visual impression it makes and includes the external built form of the development, its architecture, materials, decoration, lighting, colour and texture.

The proposal aims to create a building that positively responds to the quality of the context and creates a frontage that respects the scale, massing and appearance of the surrounding environment. This has been addressed through the articulation of the façade and the choice of materials.

Elements have been ‘pushed’ and ‘pulled’ to create depth and shadows, and to give visual interest, as a result a varied architectural form is created which breaks the building down to a domestic scale.

Through the use of different forms and contrasting materials the elevation facing Canford Cliffs Road has been designed to create two mirrored symmetrical arrangements, giving to this important part of the development a balanced and easily legible facade. The design creates a new focal point complemented by the existing tree line which will highlight and frame this part of Canford Cliffs.

Client – McCarthy & Stone

Location – Poole

Year – 2020 (Planning Approved)

Size – 5,965 sqm (60 Apartments) 26 – 1 Bedroom, 34 – 2 Bedroom