The most prominent view of the proposal is the front elevation facing Newhaven road, here a continuous brick plinth interrupted by brick columns ties the elevation at low level creating a rhythmical pattern. Above the plinth a continuous timber fascia framed top and bottom by metal cladding panels creates a continuous enclosure in contrast with the rhythm of the plinth. The timber and cladding pattern wraps around the building along the side elevations.

Ample glazed curtain walling identifies the location of the unit entrances and are of sufficient height to allow natural light to penetrate deep into the interior of the units. Two high level canopies supported by slender timber  columns complete the design offering depth to the design and shelter from the elements  creating an inviting and welcoming entrance.

The building’s design draws on a system of standardised reusable, recyclable and sustainable components. Many of the construction materials and methods lend themselves to be recycled or re-used after the store has reached the end of its useful lifespan.

Client – Robert Hitchins

Location – Quedgeley

Year – 2020

Size – 3,250 sqm